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                Company Profile

                Aerospace Science & Industry Inertial Technology Co., Ltd.

                ASIT Co., Ltd. (hereafter called ASIT) was found as high-tech industries affiliated with China Airspace Science & Industry Corp in 2004, with registered funds of RMB203 million. It has 670 staff including 3 ministerial experts, one doctoral supervisor, more than 20 doctors, 20 researchers, more than 120 senior engineers and engineers, one super technician, 8 senior technicians, 42 technicians.


                Depending on powerful research & development strength and advanced technical base of CASIC, ASIT is mainly engaged in oil well logging instruments, oil drilling equipments, inertial sensor, special power supply circuit, positioning and directioning system, navigation system, geological disasters and geotechnical engineering safety monitoring system. The products are widely used in aerospace, aviation, ships, weapons and other military areas, such as oil well logging, geotechnical engineering, geological disaster monitoring and early warning, machine tools and other industries.


                ASIT has a ministerial R&D center, with postdoctoral workstation (youth talent experiment base), for many years won the title of "national quality and keeping promises", and a number of technology has been in domestic leading position. Participating in manned space flight, lunar exploration and other key projects, ASIT has won two national science and technology progress prizes and 19 provincial science and technology progress prizes, more than 60 national patents and the national defense patents.


                ASIT pursues not only "Remarkable Technology, Scientific Management, Customer Satisfaction, Employee’s Pride" as its development goals, but also "Expanding the Market, Continuous Innovation, Continuous Improvement" as its quality policy. The company is establishing advanced high-tech century enterprise for maintaining domestic leading and advanced world levels.


                Corporate Culture

                ASIT carries out the quality policy of "developing market, continuous innovation, scientific management and continuous improvement",

                adheres to the enterprise culture of "integrity, innovation, teamwork, strong" ,

                pursues the development goal of "technology excellence, management science, user satisfaction, and employee pride",

                carefully builds the leading and advanced high-tech century enterprises in the world,

                works with good people and makes progress together.

                ASIT believes that it is the greatest dream of every graduate who has just walked out of the campus!

                ASIT warmly welcomes the alliance of the vast majority of the graduates, striving for the space industry together!

                Qualification Honor